Sailing Among Icebergs in the Arctic Circle

My colleague said it best when giving an office presentation on Greenland.

“You really can’t describe the feeling of what it’s like being next to an iceberg in the Arctic Ocean,” he explained.

I didn’t understand what he meant until I was personally sailing among them.

These icebergs are the size of buildings and wider than shopping malls. Their color captures every shade of blue, and their fresh, white snow shimmers under the sun. It’s like seeing mountains of blue and white crystals floating through the water. The sea is so still that it looks like we’re breaking through untouched glass as we glide through. There isn’t another boat among us. The sea is in complete silence except for the humming of our vessel and the slow shifting of the ice.

Sailing away
Photographing icebergs in the Arctic


They call this strip of large houses, “Beverly Hills”
Watching the moon rise over the icebergs

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